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The Reserve Bank of India has also given permission to all non-residents who possess Indian passports as well as people of Indian origin to put their money in the real estate sector (residential as well as commercial property). The number of NRIs investing in real estate is increasing fast as the value of the rupee is depreciating and real estate offers better returns. A place in the homeland usually gives a sentimental support and sense of security, which is the other reason of investment in real estate by NRIs.

  • Can an NRI buy property in India?
    Yes, a non-resident Indian can buy either a residential property or a commercial property in India. There is no limit on the quantity of properties that an NRI can purchase in India
  • Is RBI permission required?
    No. RBI permission is not required to buy residential or commercial property.
  • Can We Sell?
    If an NRI owns a property in India and wants to sell it away, he/she can sell it to another NRI or any person residing in India who is free from any legal issues. However, the purchase or sale of a farm house or other agricultural land is not permitted, but gifting of an agricultural land or a farm house or plantation land is permitted to a resident of India.
  • The home loan:
    An NRI can avail a home loan in India for the purchasing of a property. A home loan of about 85-90 per cent can be taken and further the loan will be disbursed to him/her at the time of buying a property.