Pros and Cons of Living in Duplex Apartments

28 Feb, 2019

Luxury homes have always been appealing to people. People own them in form of villas, penthouses and duplexes. Owning a duplex can be a great investment for landlords and homeowners. A duplex is a two-storey building that has two separate complete apartments on each floor with a common central wall. The two floors have separate entrances and are generally connected by an inner staircase. Duplex apartments can serve many benefits to its owners; however, they have certain drawbacks too. If you are also thinking to buy a duplex apartment but confused whether to go for it or not, go through this article in order to make your decision.

Pros of a Duplex Apartment

1. Privacy

Privacy is the utmost thing that everyone is worried for. The duplex apartments have large spaces and the yards can be divided into smaller sections to increase the privacy with surrounding people.

2. Source of additional income

Since duplex apartments have two separate buildings on each floor, one section of the building can be given on rent, if you own it. In case the apartment is owned by mortgaging, the acquired rent can be used to pay off the mortgage.

3. Affordable

Duplex are surely the luxury homes but they are not that expensive. Most of them are available at affordable prices in neighbourhood. So, they are less expensive means of purchasing a house.

4. Accommodation for two families

Two families can be accommodated in a duplex apartment as it has two buildings. This way the families can stay close to each other without much interference in each other’s privacy.

5. Large spaces

Duplex apartments have more living spaces as compared to other flats. They also have large gardens, yards and garages that give you a spacious feeling.

6. Lower insurance cover

By owning a duplex, you can give one portion on rent and reduce the cost of your insurance cover. You can take insurance cover for a single building instead of two single families.

Cons of a Duplex Apartment

1. Disturbance

Since Duplex have common walls, disturbance can occur due to noise, if walls are not well insulated.

2. No guaranteed source of income

You may earn additional income by renting out one section of the duplex, but it is not guaranteed that you will get a permanent tenant. So, the additional income is not sure.

3. Maintenance

The responsibility of the maintenance and all repairs of the duplex apartments is with the owner or the landlord of the building. So, this is an additional responsibility for you to get all the repairs and expenses done.

4. Getting the right tenant

Sharing your duplex apartment with another family may result in some disputes and privacy issues. It cannot be ensured that you always get the right tenant with who can relate comfortably.

5. Limited options

Duplex apartments are available at affordable rates in suburban areas. As they have large spaces, they are mostly located in outer areas. It is very difficult to get a duplex within the city and that too at your choice of price.

Owing to the benefits a duplex offers, these apartments can be a good investment. If you think that you can manage the drawbacks associated, these drawbacks are very small in front of the benefits it offers like additional income and large spaces. Your decision to buy a duplex or not will depend on what exactly you want. Evaluate your plan by comparing the pros and cons mentioned here and take your final decision.

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