Better Place For Land
Investment in Chennai

02 November, 2018

Whenever a person buys a property, there are several factors that he considers. A property serves the need of various people in different aspects. It is used for living or to carry out business.

Since it is a huge investment, we need to act smartly. One cannot blindly buy any piece of land. Considering various aspects, we give an insight into the various areas where buying a property will give fruitful result in Chennai.

Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR)-

This region has shown a massive growth in recent years in terms of property value. There are various reasons for such rapid movement of rates. The infrastructure development of the city is currently at the peak.

Several businessmen and other corporate sectors are making serious venture here. Also, there is a growth of population in this area. There is an important factor that leads to this shift.

In recent years, many IT and Corporate projects are carried out here. Various industries and factories have set up. This is one of the major reasons for the massive development in this area. Also due to these industries, the job opportunity has increased in these areas.

Thus, people are migrating here from various walks of life. This migration has lead to a competition in the market. The Real Estate giants are making huge leaps into such areas. There is going to be a further leap in the upcoming years.

Tidel Park is the beginning of this road and the SIPCOT Park is towards the end of the road. There is a great development in the infrastructure of the place. Several housing complexes with various types of apartments are built here. This has facilitated people from different parts of the state.


A rush has been spotted in this mega city in the last few years. Large construction companies are eagerly and actively investing in this place, the reason being an increased IT Industrialization. Also, several housing complexes are being built here.

Since few years, a population drive has taken place. People from all different regions have settled here to find job opportunities and future growth. The area is well connected to the major cities of Chennai.

There is a good amount of communication and lifestyle facility with a green and clean environment. This makes it an ideal place for property buyers. Various tourist destinations have also lured people. OMR lies at its proximity and this has attracted thousands of visitors every year.

Perungalathur -

Perungalathur lies near the Outer Ring Road that is connected to North Chennai. Tambaram Railway Station lies near it. Being at the Southern Gateway, it is connected to Northern Chennai.

A railway station at its proximity makes it a good place for living. This also means that the place is well connected to other major cities. Thus, traveling and communication will not be an issue.

Also, NH-34 passes from nearby this city giving it an edge. All the major cities are connected with the national highway so communication with other cities would be easy.

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